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01-Jan-2016 13:22

David Frum had the chutzpah to warn that Trump would use his position to enrich himself! How wonderful to see the media whores eating humble pie.Today is a day to celebrate and enjoy the relief that comes with the Trump win.

I was so overwhelmingly inspired by this that I walked 3.5 miles to vote. They did not know when they would be back in operation. So I walked 3.5 miles back home, got my write-in forms that were sent to me by mail, walked another 3.5 miles back to the voting area.

These people that work for the Govt, presuming some of them Dems and other Repubs did not let George Soros types steal the election. I voted for Trump by hand-scratching a checkmark for him. So I went from someone who was planning on not voting to walking 14 miles to vote and I am 65 years old..of this was inspired by the everyday people working their jobs on the voting floors all over the country doing what they're supposed to do regardless of party affiliation.