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Its protagonist, Aiden Pearce, was a sullen, angry potato in a massive jacket. One of Watch Dogs’ main issues, though, was that it lacked character.

Its Chicago setting was an overcast metropolis tinged in grey. Watch Dogs 2 aims to rectify this.“I think a lot of things brought us there,” Watch Dogs 2 producer Dominic Guay tells me during a preview event.

Watch Dogs 2 is only a week or two away, and the ambitious hacking sequel has proven to be quite impressive thus far.

You play as young hacktivist Marcus Holloway, expelled from society for a crime he didn't commit.

The five packs announced for the pass so far include: T-Bone Content Bundle, Human Conditions, No Compromise, Root Access Bundle and Psychedelic Pack.

No matter how you feel about the first Watch Dogs, I think everyone’s in agreement that it took itself a little too seriously.

It's swapping out trench coats for snapbacks, adopting a happy-go-lucky attitude that isn't afraid to make fun of itself.

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Luckily, he isn't alone, and has a whole band of merry technicians to help him combat CTOS; the evil conglomerate ruling over society.

Taking place in the sunny city of San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2 is far more vibrant than its dreary predecessor.

Watch the latest trailer: Ubisoft has detailed all the content to be included in the Watch Dogs 2 season pass.

The additional goodies will cost £30/ at launch, granting you access to all future content.

“First was I think the team’s need to balance the mood and go maybe with something a little bit lighter, more balanced, especially with the amount of time you spend in a game like this – developing it, but also as a player playing it.Video: Watch Dogs 2 preview“We all enjoy making more of a noir type of storyline, but we felt like – for a game that was going to hopefully give a very long experience to the player – a more balanced tone is going to bring a mood to better help you enjoy the game.