Argentina dating service sex

05-Jul-2016 08:49

I wanted to get an insiders look at this phenomenon, so I went through the steps of making plans with one of my Spanish speaking partners with the intention to disappear on her when it was time to finalize the time, like Argentine girls did to me.

She texted me on a day I had mentioned I might be free, asking if I could meet up later in the evening.

And I must stress similar because there is a difference.

In Colombia girls flake right before the date, but in Argentina they do stupid shit well before.

If you’re doing it by text then she simply won’t respond after a couple back-and-forths, no matter how much affection she gave you previously, making asking girls out here a lose/lose dilemma which game theory doesn’t have obvious answers to.

Many times it’s happened where a girl responded very enthusiastically when I messaged her, with replies that included exclamation points, but then simply gave me radio silence after I tried to set plans.

It’s almost evil how disrespectful Argentine girls can be. to upgrade from a 5 or 6 to a 7 takes a marginal amount of work. There are the very cute girls who take quite a bit of time (and luck), and then bangable girls who are similar to Colombians in terms of difficulty.

While we do see issues like flakiness in Colombia and even Brazil, at least those girls have the consideration to let you down easy. For example, I get looks and approach invitations from 5’s and 6’s all day, but the 7’s and up only look with their peripheral vision, if at all. If the club you’re going to has a web site or can be googled, you shouldn’t go there. Because your first date with an Argentine girl will most likely be with her friends, the appearance of the girl you approach doesn’t matter much because odds are she’ll have at least one cute friend.

For example, in Argentina a girl will throw her number at me and then when I get her on the phone to make plans she’ll say, “Sorry but I have a boyfriend,” or something equally retarded.

They just wanted to see if I’d ask them out or not.

The plan was to simply not respond and leave her hanging, but I just couldn’t do it.It’s too mean to leave someone out there like that so I eventually replied (with an excuse, but at least she got a response).

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