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14-Dec-2014 13:03

If you’re a woman who dates older men and your sister or mother didn’t tell you these things, consider me your wiser girlfriend who loves you and is looking out for you.

Now, don’t go getting mad thinking ALL OLDER MEN are like what I’ve described above.

If he LOVES you, is committed to you, wants the best for you, is offering you what he’s got to the best of his abilities then GREAT!

As we look throughout history, it is a very common thing to find older men seeking and dating younger women, despite it not always being the most ideal situation.

I’ve suffered a major financial blow because of my divorce so don’t think I’m looking for a wife.

I’m in no place to offer you anything except loyal sex”.

Are you dating a man 10 or more years older than you?

If he’s not Hugh Heffner, Al Pacino, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Willis or Robert De Niro he MUST be bringing AWESOMENESS to the table. Many times we (women) look for an older man because we have this belief that being older makes him stable. He can’t just possibly be telling you this, “I’m a good man who is loyal. I’m struggling to make ends meet myself, so please don’t think I can take care of you or help you in any way.

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If a man is only offering you sex and mediocre sex at best, even on his best Viagra day… But what if he has his OWN house/place but he is mostly staying with YOU?

You can Google this but you may charge a romantic partner, YES A FEE $$. I promise you if YOU were staying at his place 25 days out of the month he would NOT be feeding you for free. Young women, beware of dating a man 10 years older than you for more than a year and that relationship is not progressing.

Is he spending more than 3 days a week at your place, every week? As a matter of fact , I would dare to say he wouldn’t be ok with you staying over at his house 25 days a month, period. In the end, when it doesn’t work out you will have wasted precious time and you won’t be as young anymore, either.

Many older men are just free loaders that are smooth talkers. If he’s not willing to BE YOUR MAN, by LOVING YOU, PROTECTING YOU, PROVIDING FOR YOU and committing to you in EVERY WAY then from the very beginning HE IS A LIABILITY.

In every relationship, you both need to be an asset to the other.

Too many older men who have NOTHING TO OFFER are running around here overweight, bald, with vices, financial troubles, health issues and life issues but want a woman who is young, fine, sexy, smart, witty, exotic and with her own money. Once he has her, he becomes intimidated by her and her ambition. Let the world know you appreciate him and love him like no other.

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