Bob jones university ends ban on interracial dating imtimidating

03-Dec-2015 20:11

The small team bows heads to pray that this will go smoothly and they roll the film. Accommodating, while surrounding him are people both over-eager and a little uncertain.Like the university itself, they are walking a line between liking him for who he is and exploiting him just a bit for his difference.Schimri is one of a dozen minority scholarship students this year, part of a new drive to recruit diversity at Bob Jones.He has received ,500, which, with the work-study money from a special school program, covers most of the year’s tuition, room, and board.Just three years ago, the media was haranguing Bob Jones for its interracial dating ban and its description of Catholicism as a cult.Reacting to the attention, the college lifted the dating ban in March 2000, and last year, several alumni set up the minority scholarship fund. A gangly red-headed grad student powders Schimri’s dark nose and brow. The 18-year-old Bob Jones freshman has been given a starched white thespian-looking blouse, and behind him leans a fake log-cabin wall and a quilt.

It’s a jarring moment in the universe: One of the college’s few black students being told how to perform for a lily-white Bob Jones audience what it means to be enslaved in 1843.

I can’t help but wonder how the 11th grade curriculum will treat the era of desegregation, but no one else in Studio 5 seems worried about it.