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22-Jul-2015 07:32

David is a smart, talented guy, and the way he writes makes you like him.

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: If you are at the point where you are looking for a passionate, fulfilling LOVE RELATIONSHIP with an amazing woman, check out David’s new program “Love: The Final Chapter” you can read my new review here.Personally, whether he can pick up on a coed at this point is irrelevant to me.I know dozens of guys who get laid like crazy by super hot young women, but they couldn’t teach anybody else how to do it…The good information includes a lot of dating concepts that you may have read elsewhere because David’s stuff has been ripped off so many times by all of the other dating gurus.

Some younger guys may doubt David De Angelo based on the fact that they can’t picture him kicking game to a banging hot 22 year old chick in a night club.

The fact is that he is an older guy, definitely over 40, he’s now married and has also become a well known personal development and business guru.

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