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28-Jun-2015 16:25

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Now I take the train into Philadelphia, have an on-campus job, and use my own judgment. But it was hard to adjust to dorm life after having my own huge room, and to my roommate's sleep patterns (I fall asleep when her night is just beginning.) The academics and professors here are excellent, although the courses are tough.Since there are fewer assignments that are weighted much more, it is imperative to know what your professors are looking for and how they grade. With too much time on my hands, I analyzed every aspect of my college choice and focused only on the things I disliked.I was sweating in places I didn't think sweat could exist. My father has a big say in my life and he's the one paying for college.So, feeling forced, I visited Bryn Mawr on accepted student's day.As for attending a women's college, some days I love coming home to this close-knit, caring student body. Now I'm on two dance teams, and I have found "my people"!

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Bryn Mawr was on my list only because my dad pestered me into applying. On Penn's early decision day, I was at my computer at 5 p.m., when the decisions were due. My dad, who believes in brand names, thought that Bryn Mawr was the most prestigious of all my options.

I shouldn't be so obsessed with who goes to the school; I should be thinking about what I can get out of this experience.

I expected to find a large LGBT community, which there was. In fact, I discovered a really down-to-earth environment—one that felt like one big sorority where I could make lasting friendships.

What changed my opinion the most, however, was talking with a student who said, "If you choose not to attend a school just because it's an all-women's college, then that's not a good enough reason." And she was right.

It just goes to show that it's never too late to change your friend circle. I knew this was my major after my first class because I found myself thinking about the material outside the classroom. This summer, I will be in Pune, India doing an anthropology internship creating multimedia ethnographies and working with a healthcare NGO. Through my tears, I kept rereading the first line of the e-mail: "The Committee regrets to inform you...

University of Pennsylvania was my dream school and love of my life since I was a child. The Committee regrets to inform you..." It was a disaster.