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Some of the links below are good resources: See the actual Mason patent documents: &

Other brands such as Orchard Road and generic Mason jars are mostly made in Asia.

In Europe we can still find Kilner, Quattro Stagioni and Le Parfait.

Around the same time as Mason, other countries around the world had their versions, such as Kilner and Norway.

In the 1800's there were hundreds of different brands throughout the world selling essentially what we have come to call Mason jars. The most common North American brands are Ball, Kerr, Golden Harvest and Bernardin, all are made in the US & Canada by Jarden.

What's great about these jars is the common screw-top mouth sizes that allow interchangable caps.

They offered a more reliable method of preserving foods and were widely used across the country allowing homesteaders and urban populations to flourish.Although “canning” (the American term for home preserving) decreased in popularity in the mid-1900’s, we are seeing a 21 century resurgence due to economics and desire for better food choices.The Mason jar was invented and patented in 1858 by tinsmith John L. As a tinsmith, Mason first created the standard thread cap then the jar to go with it. For the next 100 years, with only some minor tweaks, mason jars were an integral part of food preservation. Raised in Philadelphia, he moved to New York and filed his jar patent at the young age of 26! Like today, the jars were affordable and re-useable.

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Preserving jars from around the world include: Kilner, (England); Weck, (Germany); Fowler's Vacola, (Australia; difference between Fowler & Mason jar); Quattro Stagioni (Italy).Mason jars are primarily used for home canning but there are endless other uses for them.