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It was originally used by Chinese royalty to help swell the ranks of male babies, thus ensuring the continuation of the royal line.

Based on the Chinese Lunar calendar, the chart uses a combination of the mother's age at the time of conception and the month in which the baby is conceived to 'predict' whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.

If you're pregnant and want to know whether your baby is a boy or a girl, or planning a pregnancy and have a strong preference for whether you conceive a baby boy or a baby girl, some believe the Chinese Conception Calendar should be your first port of call.

Also called the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, the chart was discovered hundreds of years ago and still exists at Beijing's Institute of Science.

"But calendars that take your lunar age into consideration are supposedly more accurate than the ones that just use your regular age. Cathryn decided not to find out the sex of her baby as she was keen to experience the element of surprise at the birth.

If the corresponding square is pink it means - surprise surprise - that you're carrying a girl, while a blue square means your baby will be a boy.

Lisa Durbin is a mother of one son, Jack, and two daughters, Mia and Isla. "Lisa points out that the calendar is just a bit of fun, particularly for mums who decide not to find out their baby's sex but can't help playing the guessing game.

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So if you're pregnant and want to know whether you're having a girl or a boy the Chinese conception chart can be a fun way to find out.

To use the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar you simply find your age at the time of conception, then trace along the corresponding line on the chart until you reach the month in which you conceived.

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