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I originally jumped into the design here, when I was all about zigzagging, which I totally still am. Depending on your level of devotion to all the patchwork-y love though, there are four different options in the sewing pattern with various doses (or no dose at all) of the zig zag motif.

Strapless versions are designed to have a clever invisible elastic channel at the upper back bodice for additional support. It is quite the ideal spring/summer/fall dress and I want one in every color to wear with every sweater, belt, necklace I own.

Well the dress itself didn't take a whole year- we've made several in the past year! The humble beginning of this dress was simply that I had made two Folk Dance Quilt tops, a warm version and a cool version, and couldn't decide which to photograph for the free pattern download. Not to mention numerous combinations of making the dress strapped or strapless, short, mid length, full length and so on.

But creating the sewing pattern with all the options that I thought (and rethought) it should have and getting it all fine tuned, published, printed, shipped, etc. While we were preparing a shoot for the Good Folks collection I picked up the warm toned unfinished top and, this would make a great dress. I simply wrapped the raw edged unfinished quilt top around Juliana, took a few quick measurements, fashioned a quick bodice that echoed the triangle design, pinned it all around her, clamped it tightly in place and had a fun photo shoot. All options are designed for the dress to be lined with an invisible side zipper. And after a year of working on and off on this one with all of its intricacies, I have to say, I am quite smitten with the simple mid length non-patch version.

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