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An example of this is the 2013 credit card theft from retail mega chain Target.In our case, the chat session started innocuously enough: The above are direct excerpts from the chat our support staff had with the attacker.The attacker was not one of the managers we were already familiar with, which appeared odd.Next, our chat service displays which email address the customer is using, and the attacker had specified “[email protected]” It seemed very odd to us that they would not use their “” email when talking to our team, given they were an existing customer. If a team member is ever uncertain about a customer’s’ request, ask the rest of the support team.Another tip-off was that the IP address that our chat service reported resulted in an IP block within a reasonable proximity to the customer’s’ headquarters. While this attack was fairly obvious, there are common techniques that a more sophisticated attacker would try.As the CEO and founder of a Saa S business (, I had very little question about if we should support live chat; it was just a question of how to offer live chat to our customers.Like many enterprise platforms, we support adding multiple team members on an account and setting up user permissions like an account administrator.

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I can imagine that, without certain conditions being met, we could have missed this.

For the uninitiated, social engineering is a form of fraud computer hackers often employ to gain access to information or systems by manipulating employees at their target company.