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I've made few simple tests and I'm pretty sure that it is chalk - it vigorously dissolves in acetic acid without residue, and after dehydration it looks exactly like chalk.

You can judge by yourself - on the picture attached - left is natural chalk and right is dehydrated Coral Snow, the stone is chalk.

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It’s allowing you to use all books, disks, trilingual audio-books. Language: English Teacher: local and native speakers Date: Saturday at Contacts: 200 801 ASTANA TOASTMASTERS CLUB Address: 11, Pushkin st., ENU named after L. Gumilev, “Otyrar” library, floor 3, American corner Language: English Meeting format: performance of speakers.After their performance, you are allowed to answer questions. There will be days dedicated to definite countries. European Business Association of Kazakhstan (EUROBAK) is a non-commercial organisation representing the European business community in Kazakhstan.

It was formed upon the joint initiative of EU companies, working and investing in Kazakhstan, and the Delegation of the European Union to Kazakhstan.

Since chalk is almost pure calcite - Calcium carbonate with traces of Magnesium carbonate, silicates, ferric oxides,inorganic phosphates etc, I decide to give a try to pure calcium carbonate (analytical grade) instead Coral Snow - and it works like charm - it has the same effect, and I'm sure that there is no unwanted impurities like phosphates, silicates and ferric salts.