Dating game youth ministry

21-May-2016 04:39

There are many icebreakers that can be used for your next youth group meeting.

If you are looking for easy mixers that will help people get to know each other, the following games are perfect for tweens and teens.

Try to divide cliques so everyone has a chance to meet new people.

You will need to know how many people you have in your group to plan for this youth group game.

Each person will receive three blow pop rings or candy necklaces when they enter the room.

Youth group icebreaker games are used when you have a group of people that may not know each other very well.

They can be used at retreats, when a new youth club meets for the first time or at summer camps.

Each member of the group will have a preprinted piece of paper that has the letters A-Z on the left hand side of the page and a line to write on next to each letter.

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The person who has the most rings or necklaces before the meeting begins wins. Use this game to divide a larger group into several smaller groups.Use a characteristic to divide the group up, such as those wearing shorts, having brown hair, or wearing sneakers.

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