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02-Aug-2016 10:54

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Or…they languish in the sorrow of the rejection and they end up living in the past, thinking about the coulda, woulda, shoulda, shaming and blaming themselves, and avoiding their present and future.The rejection triggers a previous rejection plunging them into more pain.I’m pretty sure I used to get abandonment and rejection confused hence why I’d feel so terrible – they’re two different things but also people not doing what you want isn’t rejection or abandonment; it’s just people doing their The fact is that while occasionally I see people being torn up about a relationship not working out with someone they had a mutual one with love, care, trust, and respect that has for whatever reason not worked out, the overwhelming majority of people I witness struggling with ‘rejection’, are struggling with feeling that they weren’t up to ‘standard’ for someone and a relationship that they shouldn’t have been available for in the If you were actually in something that detracted from you and had a load of code amber and red warnings, them ‘turning you down’ is actually a blessing in disguise.Let them skip on down the street and find someone else to mess with.Stop feeling bad about the fact that someone who you (whether you choose to admit it or not) had clear signs that they weren’t capable of being the person you wanted them to be or giving you the relationship you want, didn’t ‘change’ for you.The funny thing is – you not accepting someone is…rejection. They couldn’t give you what you want (even if they talked out of their bum) = overestimated capacity and Betting On Potential Even if they were ‘great’, they’re just not that special that you should deem yourself as being some sort of ‘rejection case’.

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In dating and relationships, ‘rejection’ is impossible to avoid because not It’s unavoidable and being able to say NO, to opt out of situations, to admit when something isn’t working, is part of the natural order of freeing yourself up to be available for a mutual relationship.You’re feeling rejected about the fact that they didn’t change from what you find rejectionable. You wanted different things – that sounds a hell of a lot better than “They rejected me” especially because rejection automatically creates the assumption that are wholly and solely responsible for why the relationship hasn’t worked out or why they behave as they do – you’re not.