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13-Mar-2016 11:01

That's because our blogs are written by real members who generally get to voice their thoughts on anything important to them.

And then other members get to voice their opinions back at them.

Married to a lovely Chinese Lady and living in China, John knows and respects China, Chinese Women, Chinese People and Chinese Culture.

So future articles will need to be a little more respectful of all fellow members, even when the author is one of those super casual, anything goes, take no prisoners, Aussie blokes. But provided they are not insulting, religion and politics will be accepted in the blogs, so long as they are not the consistent subject being presented by a blogger. Join John Abbot on Google+ We have been distracted lately from our usual pre-occupation with dating Chinese women, and somehow caught up in a debate over, not whether there is a God, so much as is that an appropriate subject for an online dating site's blogs.For those of you who think I've been overly analytical and critical of Paul and/or his blog, I'd just like to point out that there are no other blogs on any dating site anywhere, where the subject ever would have come up.

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It's a long way from the usual professional fluff that is dedicated 100% to keeping the suckers glossy eyed and wallets out that you find on other dating sites, so please bear that in mind when you are casting evil spells on me for taking this little run at our good blogger Paul.And also consider that Paul has come out of the little debate over on his blogs relatively unscathed, a few bruises maybe but hardly battered.