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Customer needs and expectations are the main driving force in Jolly Food Industries’ company-wide Endeavour to achieve customer satisfaction through the appropriate management of human, natural and other resources.

Customer satisfaction will be regularly measured through key performance indicators during the business relationship with them.

Corrective and preventive action will be taken immediately as far as is practically possible to remedy any deviations that might affect customer expectations or lead to customer dissatisfaction.

There is this belief that we stand by: we are not born with the right to do business in society, we need to earn it.

Read More Jolly Food Industries now operates two Pack-houses in the company’s complex near Alexandria for selecting, waxing, sizing and packing citrus, Soft Fruit and Vegetables with a total capacity of 200 tons/day combined.

The Pack-House is equipped with 12 pre-cooling tunnels with a total capacity of 150 pallets per shift, along with 4 Cold Stores with a total capacity of 500 pallets.

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A key cornerstone of Jolly Food Industries’ strategy of vertical integration and control over the supply chain is our Agriculture arm.This right is not earned by instituting programs called Corporate Social Responsibility.Read More The third aspect of Jolly Food Industries’ vertical integration – and a critical component of its ambitious expansion and development plans – is its Commercial arm.Jolly Food Industries’ commercial department carries out all business development, marketing and sales activities of both the export and local markets with seamless integration with our logistics department being another pillar of success and assuring smooth and timely product delivery at customer destination.

Jolly Agriculture is responsible for ensuring that the highest-quality ingredients are delivered to our production facilities in a timely, dependable manner.This is why the firm established Kings Valley Group for Agriculture Development .