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This action cannot however, be carried out during the first 24 hours after your payment.Notification of your wish to cancel must furthermore be made no later than 48 hours before your next subscription payment is due.Does anyone have a contact number of them that is 24/7 or an Email address, UK address or details of how to find a contact form on their web site.Nowhere on their website can I find these details and I am getting really upset as they are planning to take more money from me at the end of this month.If you are still unsure or you have not found the answer to your question please select the link below to send an email direct to one of our customer care agents.

I am planning to go to my Abbey branch and close my account as they will just not leave me alone.They have already taken over 50 and I can't afford for them to take anymore. Regards Hayley Subscriptions paid by bank card, credit card or Pay Pal are automatically extended at the end of your initial subscription period.Send a question by email Telephone numbers for Customer services can be difficult to find, so we have listed all of the latest contact information for the dating site in case any of you want to speak to a real person over the telephone about your dating account: The address for head office in the UK is: The Communications Building, 48 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LT United Kingdom telephone number : 08003685858 This is a free telephone number from BT landlines, however you may be charged if your ring from a mobile. ( may well be abroad ) But they will send you forms and you can fill out all the information and send it back to your bank, and hopefully they will refund your money. Also the back can send a stop card payment through to It then lays with your bank to refund you the money.Hiya, It's not a DD so can't cancel it that way I think that may be old information because on their site it says you have to call to cancel now, I have cancelled with them so many times but they still want this payment at the end of the month. Really, all that I want to do it get my money back, make sure they don't get this payment at the end of the month and take no more money contact your bank, As you have given the company numerous occasions to stop it. So contact your bank, Get through to payment disputes, and also get the bank to contact the company advising them to stop taking any more payments.

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Hi All, I am another person too add to the collection of being ripped off and stolen from UK I have spoken to one lady on the phone who can hardly speak English so I ended up hanging up on her as wasn't getting anywhere.I know use to be contactable 24/7 but the only numbers I can find give me a message saying they are only open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm.