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Not just the same block, but in fact the same room.Not put off by the fact that someone was recently murdered there, she strikes up a friendship with fun time girl, Marit played with a gorgeous accent by Sarah Bonrepaux, who most recently appeared in the and gives the strongest performance in the film.They frolic, drink and flirt right up until Marit disappears.Has she become the latest victim of a known serial killer in the area?On it’s own it’s a cracking little short, and if I could just talk about that, I would.However, there are another 60 minutes stapled on.) playing Allie, a young American travelling around Thailand and moving into the same block of dorms from the opening.We’re never made privy to what these outbursts of paranormal activity are, nor do they go towards solving any and all of the problems she faced.However, for everyone else, s a shambolic effort that fails to be so many different things; giallo; sexploitation; slasher; techno-thriller.

How is it connected to the online sext chat phenomena known as Cam2Cam? And why are all the English blokes in this so bloody shifty?If any of this sounds even vaguely intriguing to you, then you’re in for a treat. And there’s good reason for this as our opening kill – the kind of thing we expect from any good slasher where some nameless innocent is butchered – takes up a third of the film. From beginning to end, it lasts about 30 minutes in a 90-minute movie.Somewhere in Thailand, a fresh-faced, barely dressed woman in a dormitory starts up a sexy camera chat with an equally loosely dressed woman.

As the conversation mutates from sexy to salacious to scary, the young woman falls victim to the machinations of a terrifying stalker.

Dig deep and you’ll discover that this part is, in fact, a remake of a short, also called by Davy Sihali, who gets a shout out as a ‘guest director’ in the closing credits.

He said he “got really choked up” during the sessions for “Last Song,” a Del Rey-backed ballad that co-producer Joe Thomas said “started out being about lost love” but ended up being about the Beach Boys split.… continue reading »

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