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Plastic Surgery She has not had any known plastic surgery procedures.Net Worth Her total estimated net worth is million. Birth Location She was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. Education As an adolescent, she studied at Darien High School where she took part in the alternative learning program. David Sevigny Mother: Janine Sevigny Brother: Paul Sevigny Build Slim build Occupation She started her career as a model. Dress Size6 (US)Distinctive Features She is known for her excellent fashion sense, and her beautiful cover photos. Vincent Gallo: (2002-2004) According to rumors, Chloe began dating Vincent Gallo in 2002.Jason Segel: (2009) For a brief period of time in 2009, she dated Jason Segel.Harmony Korine: (1994-1997) From 1994 to 1997, Chloe Sevigny dated Harmony Korine. Damon Dash: (2004) Damon Dash is known for his work as an entrepreeur.Even after she broke up with the film director, they remained good friends. In 2004, he was spotted kissing Chloe Sevigny at the Brown Bunny premiere. James Ransone: (2008) Chloe went to the premier of Generation Kill in 2008 with James Ransone.She is also known for playing the role of Nicolette Grant in the 2006-2011 show, Big Love.

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Birth Name Her birth name was Chloe Stevens Sevigny. Shoe Size8 (US)Religion She was raised in a Roman Catholic family.Jarvis Cocker: (1998-1999) Starting in 1998, Chloe began dating Jarvis Cocker. Matt Mc Auley: (1999-2007) Following her relationship with Jarvis, Chloe began dating Matt Mc Auley in 1999. Their relationship has never been confirmed by the couple. Although they were rumored to being together until 2004, she never officially said that they were together.Although she was a lapsed Catholic for a number of years, she started attending church again after an especially difficult acting role.

Best Known For Chloe is best known for acting in the movie, Big Girls Don’t Cry, in 1999.First Movie The first film that she was ever in was the 1995 movie, Kids.