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The AJEX Charitable Foundation is the only Jewish organization dedicated to caring for the welfare needs of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women and their dependants.

Cash grants are given to help with extra expenses at Passover, New Year and Chanukah.

Emergency or special grants are provided to those requiring health care, mobility aids, help with household furnishings or repairs.

AKIM is the national charity providing services for over 30,000 Israeli children and adults with learning difficulties plus over 120,000 family members needing backup and support.

Regional branches throughout Israel are mostly run by volunteers or parents of children with learning difficulties and they need our support now.

Please help us to ensure that those who might end up living on the edge of society can be included and reach their full potential.

By nurturing development and enriching quality of life, we enable each child to reach their potential.

Please click on charities in bold type to see full contact details and further information about their work, and to access their DONATE BUTTONS.

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AKIM protects the rights of people with learning difficulties, ensuring their equal rights to education, housing and employment.

AKIM provides day care centres for children and adults, around 50 residential homes, hostels and apartments in the community, employment and job placement programmes.

ALEH is Israel’s Largest Network of Care for Children with Severe Multiple Disabilities.

Over 700 children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and medical conditions receive advanced medical, educational and rehabilitative care in ALEH’s four residential facilities.

In addition, ALEH provides over 26,000 outpatient treatments annually.

At ALEH, we look beyond the disability to the child within.