Intimidating behaviour at work Aim nude chat

02-Oct-2015 06:49

Despite your skill, you may unknowingly intimidate others in a more subtle way.In fact, you are probably more intimidating than you think you are; most leaders don’t see it in themselves.When you moderate or eliminate those subtle behaviors, chances are that others will follow your lead willingly and joyously.Just changing your behavior may not be enough to overcome your intimidating behaviors because if you don’t actually think differently, others will see right through your less-than-genuine behavior.

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Instead, begin working on cultivating your mind set in the following areas: Become grateful: What is it that you are grateful for in others?

What are the strengths they have that you appreciate and haven’t noticed in the past?

It’s important for you to be aware that others may be fearful of you simply because of the position you hold.

There are ways to overcome this to a degree, but you may not ever be able to overcome “positional intimidation” completely.

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If this doesn’t work, they can make a formal complaint using their employer’s grievance procedure.

If this doesn’t work and they’re still being harassed, they can take legal action at an employment tribunal.

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