Is farah fath dating

01-Nov-2015 02:47

Apparently he relates, she had a five month limit on how much she could take a depressed JP, and left him in June of 2012. There had been other rumors circulating as well for over a year concerning JP.One of which was that the popular actor was next in line to take over the role of Dillon Quartermaine on for a reprise of his beloved role as “Sexy Rexy”!According to John-Paul, when he came out to Los Angles he had a hard time dealing with the change from the east coast.He admits he was in a dark place, and he says that Farah could not deal with it. In it JP plays Eric Preston, the son of Crystal Chappell’s Claire Preston, and brother to Alicia Minshew’s Sara Preston, and who’s Grandfather Senator Preston is played by Ron Raines! sister Melissa Archer, and former on-screen love interest Jessica Morris!

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Once the series was canned, he and then girlfriend Farah Fath (Ex-Gigi) moved out to Los Angeles, where JP began to pursue other acting career opportunities.

But many have asked: what happened to his relationship with Farah?