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02-May-2015 17:35

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AND YET JUN HAD TO MAKE IT WEIRD asked: Something caught my eye in the Yahoo Japan article and made me wonder if there was really a time when both of their jimushos denied any romantic relationship between them and declared they were just friends because for the life of me, I don't remember anything of that sort. I don’t think their jimusho have ever had to deny a romantic relationship between them since there has never been a two-shot and no tabloid has ever straight-out busted them (and that no one ever has should imply how fiercely they’re protected by Johnny’s).

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Obviously this is a super accurate article as the whole “spoiled brat/confused about how the world works since she’s been trapped in the business of show for her whole life” bit totally syncs with the character of a girl who normally went to college while working and was known for being down-to-earth enough to eat normally in the cafeteria with the rest of the students every day… Someone saw them out to eat with Yuu and Shun in Hawaii; just the four of them like a double date.

(And come on, I think the only negative tabloid article I’ve ever read about Mao was it being reported that when someone told her Maeda Atsuko was graduating, she was like, “Who the hell is Maeda Atsuko? STILL DON’T CARE.” WHICH, IF TRUE, ONLY MAKES ME LOVE MAO MORE.) Basically, this is the blog of Kagaya Mari who recently went to a dinner gathering in the Oguri household, which at this point seems pretty much just a open-door policy kinda place. Then another sighting of them out with Yuu and Shun in Japan earlier this year. Just wanted to say that I am a HUGE Maotsujun fan and make it a must to check out for new things.

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