Jprogressbar not updating

13-Jan-2016 02:12

Those with sharp eyes will also notice that the button "Do Something" remains depressed until the loop is complete. The code that paints the GUI and events generated by the GUI are executed on a single thread, called the "event-dispatching thread".(If you've never heard of "threads", consult the Java Tutorial on Threads here: Threads make it possible to do several things at the same time in a single program.) In the program above, we are using the event-dispatching thread to run the for loop.

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Swing Utilities.invoke Later(new Runnable() { public void run() { create And Show GUI(); } }); } public void action Performed(Action Event ae){ println("action Performed "); for (int i = 0; i I suggest that you copy the above code, compile and run it so you can get a sense of the problem.If you have run the code, you will witness that the console reports each value of i set in action Performed but the GUI is not updated until the for loop is complete.

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