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08-Dec-2014 05:02

So I guess my game plan is spend the money now on getting everything set up for a solid axle run the basically free D30 and when the time comes either that I break the D30 or find a good deal on D44 I'll swap that in. The 30 was free because it was going to the scrapper. That 30 would be fine if you want to run a 30 or 31.

So after the first trip out you're starting over and going to build a 44 too? Rangers weigh a decent amount and the 4.0 puts out plenty of tq.

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Parts I'm thinking of look like this: Toyota Steering box Early Bronco adjustable coil buckets Early Bronco coils F250 shock towers Long Arm kit(Not sure if RC or Ironman looking for advice here) High Steer kit(still unsure) I have read probably close to 100 SAS threads on 98+ Explorers and Rangers, I have basing a lot of mine on user Mud Slanger on ranger-forums. Scrap that dana 30 and start over, the factory ranger 4wd parts are better. Busted knuckle radius arms, or any of the universal 3 link kits are a good starting point.

Some people commented he could have gone cheaper on the long arm kit. Make sure you know what your travel will be before setting and link mounts in place, set your links, track bar, drag link, etc, flat at mid travel.

I have seen a ton of people that have done it and none of them really post anything about regretting it.

In my area Dana 44's are extremely expensive and next to impossible to find in a yard. Last one I saw here was complete with chromos for 0.

(also I know Dana 44 but I really the best D30 I could and paid next to nothing for it so \_(ツ)_/ I'm going with it and I have 33's now and do not plan on going any bigger.

So far I already have the 64" chevy leaf swap down with longer shackles and removed lift block(leaf on axle) to keep everything level so for the rear I plan on maybe adding a leaf and putting the stock 3" lift block back in.