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- If the charging indicator does not blink after few seconds, it could mean that the battery is over discharged. Do not pause on the screen with your fingertips at the initial point of contact or you may drag an item. If the Wi Fi network you want to connect to does not appear in the list, 1. If you must use it, you can find your device's specific MAC address by going to Settings Advanced. Only the Archos G9 3G stick is designed to fit this slot. Note that the ARCHOS G9 3G stick will only have signal if you are in an area covered by your 3G provider’s 3G or EDGE network.You can get more details about the current date and time, networking, and battery status in with the Status Details. Networks shown with the icon are secured connections. Enter the required network information* and then tap on Connect. NOTE: The Archos G9 3G stick is purchasable on from your local retailer.IMPORTANT: When the battery is completely empty and you plug in your device, - The charging indicator light will turn on then start to blink within few seconds. Press 10 seconds on the On/Off button for a hardware reset. The first time you turn on the ARCHOS, the installation wizard will help you configure the main functions of your ARCHOS: language, country, time, etc. Tap the Online registration application and follow the on-screen instructions. Some modems have such a button that must be pressed the very first time you try to make a Wi Fi connection with a new device. If you have to enter a password (a security code of type WEP or WPA) be very careful that you do not confuse a 1 and I (one and letter “I”), a 0 and O (zero and letter “O”), or U and V. The person managing the Wi Fi modem/router should shut off this MAC filtering system to see if this solves the problem.The indicator light blinking rapidly means that the device is charging but does not yet have enough power to start. Once the device has charged enough to start, it will switch on and display the ARCHOS boot logo. Touch the screen and then quickly move your fingertips across the screen without lifting your fingertip. It is recommended to shut off MAC filtering in general as this is now known to be an outdated and ineffective system for Wi Fi security. Try temporarily shutting off the encryption system of your Wi Fi router/modem to see if the problem has to do with the encryption system you are using. Your ARCHOS device is equipped with a slot on its back for the tailor-made ARCHOS G9 3G stick.If you have any current notifications, their summaries are listed below the Status Details: touch one to open it. For secured networks, you will need either a key (a series of numbers and/or letters) of the type WEP, WPA, or WPA2, or you will need to have a Wi Fi access point that uses the Wi Fi protection standard WPS (Wi Fi Protected Setup). You can use your finger to scroll the current web page horizontally or vertically. - To enter a web address, just scroll to the top of the current page and tap in the address field, enter the address and tap on Enter.The ARCHOS Team All the information contained in this manual was correct at the time of publication. Attention: Use ONLY the supplied ARCHOS charger/adapter/USB adapter on your device. To access the advanced network parameters (Regulatory domain, IP address, etc), 1. If you cannot connect to your access point, first determine if the problem lies with your access point or with the ARCHOS.However, as we are often updating and improving our products, your device’s software may have a slightly different appearance or modified functionality than presented in this manual. In addition to the information in the accompanying Warranty, Legal & Safety Notice, remember that your ARCHOS is an electronic product that needs to be treated with care: Do not subject it to shock or vibration. Keep it away from water and excessively humid areas. For the Flash Memory models: Use only the included USB cable to charge your device. Try using another Wi Fi device, such as a laptop computer or a Wi Fi enabled telephone and see if that will connect to your access point.

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Dear customer Thank you for choosing this ARCHOS product.We hope that you enjoy using it and that it brings you satisfaction for many years to come.