P3p dating mitsuru

20-May-2016 07:06

Only North American residents are eligible to win, however.

10 lucky winners will be randomly (or as close to randomly as possible) chosen and sent a SIGNED soundtrack CD.

Don’t forget: What about the upcoming Persona 3 Portable are you most looking forward to?

If you own a PSP and can purchase “Mature” games, you should own it. And how the PSP system release introduces a new female protagonist who experiences the events of the game from a new perspective, not to mention the addition of one-button menu shortcuts, a streamlined user interface, and more. Or the cast of memorable characters you just can’t get enough of? We’ve already told you in previous posts about how Persona 3 Portable puts you in the shoes of a team of gifted high schoolers forced to use their developing supernatural abilities to save the world from destruction, and how the game cleverly mixes addicting RPG dungeon crawling with social sim elements. Maybe it’s the fact that you can take one of the highest rated RPGs of all time on the road now? ” you muse aloud to no one in particular, gently tapping your pointer fingers together in front of your mouth.

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Just tell us what you’re most excited about regarding the upcoming P3P as a comment under this post. It’s not that we don’t love you rest-of-the-world’ers; we just want to focus this giveaway on the region in which the game is actually releasing. Well, we’d love to use this opportunity to remind you that: to receive.” Funny you’d say that, because there’s still time to pre-order your copy of Persona 3 Portable at a participating retailer (Game Stop and Amazon in the United States and Canada) and receive a collectible Junpei Baseball Cap. “Wow, they’re sure giving us a lot of physical awesome to celebrate the release of the game, but what about the game itself?We’ll try and choose winners by the game’s release date (winners will be notified with a message sent to their PSN account).