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30-Jul-2015 02:10

You’ve spent years getting the education you want, working towards a career you love, creating financial security, maintaining close friendships and family relationships, and excelling at various hobbies or sporting endeavors.

When you make up your mind to [...]In the dating advice world, there’s no end to annoying, antiquated, and insulting advice.

Our teacher said: “Trust your life is not meant to be a different version.”Hi Neely, I read your dating advice blog religiously.

I've been dealing with a situation that I'm not quite sure how to handle, and recently thought of reaching out to you because I so value your realistic and balanced mindset/advice around dating and relationships.

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My body and mind always feel rejuvenated after an hour in her presence.

Several months ago, I crossed paths [...]There are plenty of reasons we put up with unhappiness in our love lives.

After working with hundreds of women over the years and reflecting on my own single-life choices, I’ve identified the following reasons: Everything in your life has taken time to build and shape.