Sex chat rooms for adult babies

11-Apr-2016 00:17

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Looking for: -a chat buddy who is cool with this not being an everyday thing -intelligence -great, patient, and descripti... Im looking for erotic role plays or cyber with any horny, like minded girls or ladies that just can't seem to get enough or just want more. Hey, if your reading this you must be at least curious, Maybe embrase you fantasies and cum see if having the ...

I'm very social and have a fun personal life, but sometimes I like to have a bit of fun online.

Can't post photos for some reason but I can send a pic if you ask nicely. Show me what you want and I'll give it to you in spades.

I will say that I am well educated and would appreciate you showing some semblance of intelligence when chatting with me. Sorry but it is what it is at the moment I'm well aware I look all sweet and whatnot but what im into is completely the oppo...

What's the point of the internet if you can't be anonymous? Be careful what you ask for you S just might get it. Good old Babble about as unstable as some some of it's members both present and past https:// With the way the site is now with limited messages if you just write hi or hello or something basic like that it will be ignored. Ok this probably wont get me allot of hits but o well. I'm just average, work 35-40 hours a week at a job that I hate, etc.

Who can really enjoy age play phone sex without an adult baby nursery to play with your mommy in!So how about it my age regression phone sex lover, are you ready to play with mommy.Mommy is going to turn your little room into the most adorable little adult baby phone sex nursery!Mommy will buy you a crib a play pin and even a changing table for your adult baby diaper lover phone sex nursery!

Can mommy diaper you and turn you into my adult baby boy? What would you like to do with your mommy in your deepest most kinkiest fantasy? Maybe we can do a little age play and you can be mommy’s naughty little adult baby boy!

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