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07-Jul-2016 09:04

In an effort to keep things fresh, and to save you from reading about the glories of Church Key or the Columbia Room yet again, I've tried to limit this to bars that have opened, changed key staff or made significant upgrades in the past two years or so.

They're spread throughout the area, from Leesburg to Annapolis, and although some have probably landed on your radar, others surely remain off.

She asked on her show last week What kind of world is it when a 14 year old girl can be picked up and disappear on her way to school? In 2002 Samantha Runyon was kidnapped in Escondido, raped, then her body thrown down a mountainside, where it was found by two men who were hang gliding days later.

13 year old Alycia Nipp in Washington State died in much the same way on February 22nd.

So I often have Nancy Grace in the background as I write about these criminals, to get out the truth, and as a kind of therapy.

Listening to her outrage at sex crimes against children helps me express my own rage.