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The dating scene may look way different than it did for prior generations—and for the most part that’s a good thing.You no longer need a good dowry to get a date, the status of your virginity is not a bartering tool, and (most) families don’t require a chaperone for two adults to grab dinner and a movie.On the flip side, when we became less dependent on the town matchmaker or our parents for arranging marriages, dating became a more complicated venture.Now the burden is on to find the perfect mate—and that pressure can be overwhelming.Starting a relationship by playing games isn’t a good strategy for finding a genuine connection.

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Trickery and deception may or may not be able to get you a date—but manipulative approaches definitely won’t get you a meaningful connection with another person.Being able to be yourself in a relationship and know that the other person genuinely likes the real you is refreshing and empowering.With all that pressure to find our soul mate, it isn’t surprising that people turned to dating guides and rulebooks to help navigate the process of courtship.The movie , based on a book by the same name, explored the mishaps of couples misreading signals and fumbling through the rules of the dating game.

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Unfortunately, dating advice from more recent years doesn’t get much better.

The ‘90s brought an ambush of bad dating advice books, including Besides being impractical and kinda sexist—spoiler alert—these rules don’t work, even for some of the people who came up with them.

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