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17-Mar-2015 02:08

The next step in our search for swingers is to seek out the swingers clubs and parties in the area we are traveling to.The swingers dating sites are also a good resource for this.Some have a better concentration of couples in certain U. cities or the geographic areas in which you live or travel to. Once you have decided on one or two, you can start your search for like-minded people based on age, couples or singles, what they like to do sexually, their play boundaries and location if you are traveling somewhere else.Some of the sites also have a travel alert feature to let couples know you are visiting their area, which is something we love!Our search for swingers starts before we leave Dallas.These are five ways to find other couples to have a good time with.Jackie and I don’t play at our clubs because we don’t think it’s a good idea to mix business and pleasure, but we love to travel!

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Once there, you can peruse the clubs’ websites and see if it’s a place for you.

This type of club is an off-premise club (sex is only allowed off premise), so many swingers go to a hotel after they meet someone.

There are many types of clubs and parties out there.

Some are bars or lounges where couples can meet and mingle, but sex isn’t allowed there.

We normally begin by checking the adult social sites that we are active on. A search for “swingers dating sites” will bring up a host to choose from on the first couple of pages of the search.

Most of the sites you can join for free just by filling out a profile page and posting a photo of yourself. If you try out a few different sites, you can get a feel for the ones you like best and then purchase a membership that will give you access to all of the site’s features.