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Otherwise, you're either not experimenting enough (also known as being lazy) or you're of the hyper-principled mold and would prefer that the type just carry the message, not speak it. That's a question my colleague was asked last year, and after intense discussion we decided that it's a strangely hard one to answer.The reason is that although it's rewarding and edifying, it also requires you to constantly evolve and start every project like you know nothing.You probably also have a contact button that says "Let's have a beer together." Now don't get me wrong: I like moving away from designer jargon, and I certainly am not opposed to beers.But the novelty of a designer who doesn't take themselves too seriously has begun to fade.Otherwise, you'll end up turning into a bitter old grump whose work looks exactly the same in twenty years.

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Bear in mind that these are only symptoms, and most of us have been plagued by at least one of them.But if you check off everything on this list, it might be time to re-think the way you work.If you fit this mold, you are likely to have found at least a handful of nice typefaces in the last decade.If your name is Massimo Vignelli, then you might get a pass on this.

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We expect practicioners of other vocations to be humble and competent. So do a little courting before you plop your dirty feet up on your client's table.Designers should be curious by nature and aware of current trends.