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21-May-2015 02:53

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There is no common definition of competence and no evidence for one best method to assess competence.

Each organization defines its processes to ensure staff competence.

Recommendations are made to assist nursing professional development specialists in implementing strategies to improve the assessment and validation of nursing competency.

Current methods of defining and measuring clinical competency are not optimal or consistent.

The staff member is usually coached through the assessment process using validation processes that are not standardized, resulting in each nurse being validated as competent through a variety of methods without attention to his or her need for remediation.

The knowledge required for a nurse to ensure patient safety and quality is not traditionally reinforced during competency validation.

In traditional competency programs, competency is validated on hire and annually thereafter using skill stations.

The validation process has been focused on moving large numbers of nurses through the program with little connection to performance improvement, scope of practice, nursing expertise, performance appraisal, and, most importantly, patient safety.

Many of these efforts focus on measuring the nurse's capability to perform a particular skill, not on the nurse's overall ability to perform in a practice setting (Koncaba, 2007).

This approach reinforces an archaic belief that professional nursing practice is about doing and not about thinking.