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15-Oct-2015 02:53

That is, 48 percent of women research their date on Facebook before meeting in person for the first time.However, men aren't too thrilled with the digital snooping.Almost half of the men surveyed find it unacceptable.Match suggests that men clean up their Facebook pages before accepting a friend request from someone they'd like to date. Singles in their 20s are checking out their crushes' Facebook pages, text messages and emails more than any other age group.Show your friend your list and ask them if they think you're overreacting to his nail biting habit or her obsessiveness with texting during a date. If you were comfortable enough to sleep with him or her, you should find it in your heart to be comfortable enough to have the convo. Insecurity will emerge and both of you will wonder what the other is doing when they're not with you.

study, which, among other iteresting findings, shows a drastic increase in friends with benefits (FWB) relationships from 2011 to 2012.According to the study, a whopping 47 percent of singles had a friends with benefits relationship in 2012, up from a meager 20% the year before. Many of these arrangements are turning into long-term relationships. According to the study, increasingly, women are asking for a commitment of monogamy before hopping between the sheets.