Updating images in a wpf application

12-May-2015 10:46

10/7/2014 - I've successfully used this library to build a couple small WPF tools.

The only thing I found missing so far is a native File Dialog built in WPF-CPS. "If WPF via XAML and MVVM is heavyweight like Entity Framework is; then, maybe, WPF-CPS is like the LINQ-to-SQL of WPF Development? " --Anonymous WPF Composites (WPF-CPS) may enable a Rapid-Application-Development (RAD) approach to building Fluent WPF desktop applications and/or Windows Store Desktop Apps for Windows 8*?

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There may, indeed, be a place for Desktop apps ongoing after all? It works via 100% code-behind, zero XAML, has CSS-like Selectors, has Generators to generate multiple Framework Elements based on a single Prototype Element's properties (e.g. Extended WPF Toolkit™ Community Edition Masked Text Box (For fixed-length formatted strings such as phone number or social security number) 4. WPF-CPS provides an alternative, concise, C# (or Iron Python or F#) code-behind approach to managing WPF UI Framework Element composites. create a button and automatically clone it 5 times), and supports 26 different WPF controls. Extended WPF Toolkit™ Community Edition Multi Line Text Editor 5.