Using xmlvalidatingreader

18-Mar-2016 15:55

Create Navigator();// Create a Stream and show how it would be used as the source // This is only a sample since no data exists in the stream.

Position = 0; // Using the Stream, load it into an XPath Document System.

Xml Text Reader(XSLTStream); // The Xml Reader may be passed into the Load Method of Xsl Transformm constructor; it is still necessary to populate the data.

XPath Document("numbers.xml"); // Create the Xml Text Writer to output to the console.

Position = 0; // Use an Xml Reader and pass in a Stream as the Source System. The minimum requirements to perform an XSLT transformation are an XML document, an XSLT document, and a valid object to handle the output. Memory Stream(); // You would populate the Stream with the XSLT File here and set the position to 0 st. One other source we may wish to use for XML and XSLT documents is a document retrieved from a URL, in the form of a string along with an optional and the classes that support them please read the "Outputs from an Xsl Transform" section of the MSDN documentation.

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