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When rendering, the Form component emits two events: first, "prepare For Render", then "prepare".These allow the Form's container to set up any fields or properties that will be referenced in the form.The Form component emits a number of component events.You'll want to provide event handler methods for some of these.For example, this is a good place to create a temporary entity object to be rendered, or to load an entity from a database to be edited.When user submits the form on the client, a series of steps occur on the server.Finally, Tapestry not only makes it easy to present errors messages to the user, but it can also automatically highlight form fields when validation fails.Contents such as Text Field, Text Area, Checkbox, etc.

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Whether it's a search form, a login screen or a multi-page registration wizard, Tapestry uses standard HTML forms, with HTTP POST actions by default.For simple cases, input validation is declarative, meaning you simply tell Tapestry what validations to apply to a given field, and it takes care of it on the server and (optionally) on the client as well.In addition, you can provide event handler methods in your page or component classes to handle more complex validation scenarios.First, the Form emits a "prepare For Submit" event, then a "prepare" event.

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In addition, AJAX-based form submission is supported using Zones.Tapestry provides support for creating and rendering forms, populating their fields, and validating user input.

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