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There is something interesting with Brook Smith’s character, Sheriff Dana Green,.Viewes speculate that her introduction marks Nestor Gaston’s departure from the series.She was later known to be “the girl in the shower.”Marion’s boyfriend is still up for casting and people are clamoring to get Drake in the pool. Dawn is a risk-taking, self-serving, take-no-prisoners single pregnant woman with a gun and a hit list of new Contenders to wipe out.Sevigny and Mitchell, both ordinarily very good actresses, give strained, overdramatic performances. More on Melinda² and, you guessed it, "The Girl in the Pit" after the jump.She’s the calm, collected, dry-witted centre of the friendship: the mumsy one, a maternal sounding board and shoulder to cry on.Rihanna was previously confirmed to play Marion Crane.

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We first see her enter a convenience store to shoot an old guy in the back. Ten years on the film retains its grim, acidic bite.

If this does happen then two of the major character of the A&E Network series will not see it to the end.

But this cut kind of makes up in the addition of Brooke Smith and Rihanna.

In my view, Smith’s performance is one of 2001's very best. Take Two: the best thing about it.) Smith played pregnant Cassie, the only female role (barring bit parts) without her own (sub)plotline.

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This is a shame as there are mild hints (thanks to Smith) that Cassie has a sly, playful side that would’ve dazzled in a fun, stand-alone narrative strand.

(There are two scenes where all she does is listen).

I invited my friend “Katydid” to tell us about her weekend with the General Hospital cast and the band Enation, since I wasn’t able to go myself.… continue reading »

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Testing content The reason to come here is obvious: beautiful, smoky-crusted pizza with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.… continue reading »

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