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I use up five days of my time, wasting the perfect sword-fighting times, to try one and buy a dress, which cost me an arm and a leg to buy! I had to put them on lay-away and get a minimum wage job!

It's based off a much older fan fiction I read a while back.

It made me clench my fists and want to punch something.

could you drive Annabeth to some party she's having with her school friends? " "Because Luke and I are busy, Tyson can't drive, and you don't want to trust any Hermes kids with a car." "F*ck. "Oh no, nothing's wrong." Annabeth grumbled in that familiar tone. It was her 'ask me again how I am or else I'll get moody' tone.

Oh and then I just go out and spend a month's worth of allowance on make-up I'm probably never going to use again!

I felt my heart freeze as I thought about the time she'd gotten her heart broken by Luke.

For the length of time in between then and now, we'd avoided each other. She would never come to me with her smile, her laugh, her tears, her yells, her teases, her presence. I knew I shouldn't because she was probably going to hook up with some boy tonight and be in a relationship. You're really waiting for the blonde-haired, grey-eyed Annabeth Chase.

I sat in the Poseidon cabin, playing a hand-held game. She'd turned tomato red and run out of the room, covering her face as if caught committing murder. You think it's not fair that she has to live at some boarding school. For a moment, I feared Aphrodite was playing a trick on me.

" Thalia said in that tone mastered by every girl that ever lived. Of course, over the six years I'd known Annabeth she'd grown up nicely until she blossomed into a fine young lady. I had found out first-hand why you should never mess with a teen girl when she's on her period. Especially when you have an advantage with your mother being the goddess of wisdom and what not. A sigh escaped her coloured lips and I immediately felt bad for saying that.

There goes my night." "Stop complaining, Seaweed Brain." "Fine, Pinecone Face." Thalia glared at me. She'll come to your cabin then." With that, my cousin turned and walked away, throwing one more evil glance in my direction.

Often times, Annabeth would come to me in tears begging for me to listen to some story about getting hurt by a boy or broken up with. It had almost derailed my relationship with her at all. Olive-breath was a tomboy at heart and rarely made an effort to make herself pretty. The dress had a weave of silver, green, and blue at the bottom. Her normally wavy hair was even curlier than before. Then I was fearing she would ask me how she looked.

Her mind was as sharp as always and she was still quite witty. But, being the brave young soldier she was, she got through it with a smile on her face. She'd usually come back drunk or ragged from having s*x. I recalled an event that had happened a few weeks ago. I immediately looked away again, not daring to meet her eyes. I had to forcefully bite my own tongue to keep from letting my mouth go agape. It had some silver trim near the breast, making it sparkle. I'm going to my first huge dance with people I've never met." Annabeth muttered, her voice a little higher than I remember. I feel stupid." "I-I see..." There was a pause and I started to fear she was leaving or starting to cry.

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Annabeth used to just be pretty but now she was getting seriously beautiful. I'd been contently listening when she had leaned over and kissed my cheek. Her lips were painted a light blue, like the ocean in the morning sunlight. Again, I took in the blue dress and saw a silver flower pinned to her left shoulder strap. I had to admit, I was really jealous of all those boys that had ever dated her. Annabeth had been telling me about some boy-trouble. All in all, the dress made her look even more womanly and grown up. When I tore my eyes away from her dress, I looked at her face. She had a little bit of blush on, making her look more colourful. I'd be cornered, even with a door right in front of me. " Annabeth asked, twirling a bit and making it sway and sparkle.