Whos dating david tennant

22-Jan-2015 16:45

David Tennant recorded this adorable video to help a fan ask a girl out at Wizard World Comic Con, because that’s just the kind of guy he is.She said yes and did the rest of the world a favor by uploading the video to her Tumblr, because how could you say no to that face?Although, if everything winds up working out for them, this kid has set himself a rather high bar to clear for future romantic gestures.star David Tennant was placed in a rather uncomfortable position when asked which of his companions it was hardest to say goodbye to, Rose Tyler or Donna Noble. Because one of them – well, they were both love stories, but they’re very different types of love stories, weren’t they?Here's everything there is to know so far: David Tennant and Olivia Colman will reunite once more as Hardy and Miller, and they'll be joined by several other characters from the first two series.It has yet to be confirmed if other regulars will be back, including Lucy Cohu as Alec's ex-wife Tess, Charlotte Beaumont as Chloe Latimer, Tanya Franks as Lucy Stevens or Jonathan Bailey as Olly Stevens, nor any word on series two newcomers Eve Myles as Claire Ripley or James D'Arcy as Lee Ashworth.

Surely the Latimers and their fellow Broadchurch residents can only handle so much?The tragedy of Rose, of course, was that they could never see each other again…until they did.” Tennant really please the fans when he finally said everything that fans have assumed the Doctor was thinking during Rose’s second goodbye, in the Series 4 finale “Journey’s End.” “How galling to watch someone who looks like you, who basically is you, do all the shagging you didn’t get to do.” I will now pause so that Doctor/Rose shipper have a moment to catch their breath.Tennant goes on to talk about how saying goodbye to his own character may have been the toughest thing to do, describing how his Doctor started off as a “bouncy puppy” before being put through several ringers during his tenure. Tennant at first deflected, humorously naming Donna’s grandfather, who played his own important role in the Tenth Doctor’s story. And because it’s very hard to look at Bernard Cribbins and not feel moved, frankly.” He then gave a very considered non-answer to the question. One was a best mate, one was a girlfriend, really.” Tennant went into more detail, describing how each farewell was tragic in its own way.

“Well the hardest one to say goodbye to has to be Wilfred Mott, doesn’t it? “I think what was tragic about the Donna one was that he had to remove all that joy from her, take all those wonderful experiences.David married Georgia in December 2011 and they have three children, Olive, Wilfred and Tyler, the actress’s son from a previous relationship who David adopted four years ago.

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