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24-Jan-2015 14:02

White women in particular reply to white men twice as much as they reply to black and Latino men.

Asian men receive fewer than 25% as many messages from white women as white men with the same levels of income and education.

So either most people with online dating profiles are genuinely more attractive than average or they have an overinflated view of their appearances.

Of course make up and Instagram filters can alter the way we look.28% of women said they are blond, which is a number much higher than the national average, which indicates either dyeing or lying.

About 4 out of 100 users (4%) reported they earned over 0,000 a year. Both men and women tend to report as being an inch taller than the national average for their genders.

But in terms of weight, men were in line with the national average while women apparently weighed 20 pounds less than the national average.

But how honest are people really when it comes to sharing their personal information on dating sites? Besides, tennis players aren’t even romantic because Love means nothing to them.Men who say they want a long term relationship do much better than men looking for an occasional lover.Online dating users are typically really good looking.About 70% called themselves “above average.” 30% chose “average.” Roughly 1% said their looks were “less than average.” How humble.

A man who does not include a photo gets 40% less attention than a man who does.Meanwhile, a woman who doesn’t include her photo gets 76% less attention.

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